Monday, February 27, 2012

A Blueprint For Real Change

Real change does not occur on the surface. It must occur at the source of power. The following points are where we Americans should focus our will for change.
1. We must demand congressional term limits. A career politician is a career criminal.
2. We must demand campaign finance reform. In our system, money given to politicians is for support and for influence. However, money given for political influence amounts to corruption.
3. We must limit the influence of corporations and other special interests on our government. Money buys influence and unlimited money buys unlimited influence. We must stop the control of our government by corporations.
4. We must stop the incestuous relationship between our government employees and the industries they regulate. The revolving door between government and industry is another mechanism for industry to corrupt our government.
5. We must hold our government employees accountable for their actions and inaction. All too often, our government is hamstrung by inefficiencies built into the system. The operation of our government must be streamlined.
6. We must demand that our laws serve only the national good and not the interests of the moneyed. We should have a democratic body that will be a check on congressional profligacy. The presidential veto power is evidently insufficient.
7. We must find a way to unite all Americans in our common cause - strength, prosperity, and freedom.
How do we accomplish these changes?
We must amend the constitution!
I have written more on each of these topics in another entry. If you are interested in a more detailed description of what should change and how to accomplish it, please continue reading:

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